Should I Sleep With Air Purifier On

Should I Sleep With Air Purifier On (A Detailed Guide 2024)

Pollution is becoming an inevitable problem. One can use masks to prevent inhaling toxic chemicals like carbon and VOCs outside. But the major problem is you cannot use the mask 24/7. Especially while sleeping one needs to remove a mask for safety concerns.

Then an idea clicked in my mind and I brought an air purifier. But a few friends and colleagues told me to not leave it on while sleeping. They claimed different strange side effects but instead of believing all those repeated myths I researched the problem.

Should I Sleep With Air Purifier On?

I met different respiratory clinicians and experts, read articles, and went to the people who are using air purifiers. My conclusion was completely different and it helped me and saved me from a disastrous situation. Don’t worry, I will guide you all about purifiers, and their use and answer that you should sleep with the air purifier on. Let’s explore together!

Air Purifier

Before you go deeper and deeper, you should understand the mechanism and functions of air purifiers. Basically, the device is for everyone but a few people use it. Neither it is expensive nor it consumes more energy but still, people ignore the gadget because they consider it useless. Well, the gadget is highly beneficial as it provides clean air. You might know that pollution is increasing day by day and the problem is impossible to avoid.

No one can clean the air on a massive level and the government is not taking serious steps to stop carbon emissions. But the toxic air is killing us slowly and we are unaware of these tiny and hidden enemies. Using a mask is also a preventive measure but you cannot use it the entire day. Maybe you are comfortable with a face mask but what about using it while sleeping?

According to the research, one needs 8 to 10 hours of quality sleep to recharge the body for the next day. And if you wear a mask while sleeping, it will disturb you plus it can be dangerous because the human body is sensitive regarding the breathing barriers. In case the mask causes a problem, you may suffer from severe consequences. In such conditions, we have to keep ourselves healthy and want to have quality sleep.

For this purpose, use an air purifier for nighttime. The machine is used for cleaning the air, it filters air through motor and filtration plants. The mechanism is straightforward and one can understand it within seconds. Take a look at the procedure, it is explained in three steps Mechanism Of Air Purifier

  1. Intake, the air intake is necessary for cleaning the air. Some claim that air purifier generate artificial clean air but it is not true. The machine works differently from the rumors. However, it intakes the air from the environment through the grills. There is an air sucker in the device, it sucks the air in vast amounts.
  2. Filtration, the second step is separating dirty particles of dust from the air. The filtration is not only based on dust particles but also removes VOCs and toxic chemicals. There could be one or multiple machines in the air purifier, depending on the advancement and its size.
  3. Output, the third and last step is to provide healthy air. In the first step, the air enters from the front grilles and for output, the pure air comes from the opposite side.

Is It Dangerous To Sleep With An Air Purifier On?

In simple words, the air purifier does not emit any dangerous gas or chemical which is unhealthy for the human body. Instead, the machine is perfect for separating harmful gasses and chemicals from the air. As a result, there is no danger if you leave it on while sleeping. On the other hand, our body needs healthy and unpolluted air to inhale while sleeping. Therefore, you should sleep with the air purifier on.

The Asthma and Allegedly Foundation of America (AAFA) recommends using an air purifier while sleeping. Actually, when we are sleeping, our body is in a state of rest. If we experience healthy air during sleep, it will enhance the quality of our sleep as well as it will help us cure chronic problems like asthma, cough, and breathing issues. Let’s discuss the benefits of using the air purifier at bedtime.

Should I Sleep With Air Purifier On

Benefits Of Air Purifier During Bedtime

Improve Quality Of Sleep

The most important aspect we ignore in daily life is the quality of sleep. A majority of people do not know that sleep quality impacts our performance. There are different ways to enhance the quality of sleep in which using an air purifier is major. The device cleans the inside air of your room, you inhale the pure air hence your body experiences better sleeping conditions. Also read the benefits of Air Purifier here

Reduce The Risk Of Respiratory Problems

If you leave the air purifier on during bedtime, it will help you inhale fresh air. In a simple and straightforward way, you will get fresh air to inhale therefore your respiratory problems like asthma, breath pulmonary fibrosis and others will gradually become less effective.

Better Cognitive Functioning

You might not know but it is a fact that what we become is what we inhale and eat. Actually, our brain is dependent upon outer conditions for our functioning. If you inhale impure and unhealthy air, it can cause neural damage. The research evidence has proved that CO2, NO2, and VOCs are present in the air in high amounts. These chemicals directly influence brain capacity.

Probably you are well aware of the air purifier benefits and whether you should sleep with an air purifier during bedtime or not. There are a few considerations such as you should check that the purifier is working well and the cable is not bitten or its cover is not removed from somewhere. Can Air Purifier Make You child your Sick

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I leave my air purifier on all night?

Of course, you can leave the air purifier on all night, even if you should keep it on 24/7. The device is for cleaning air so there is no harm, it does not emit any toxic gas nor it releases dangerous rays. Therefore, you should keep the air purifier on all night.

How close should you sleep to an air purifier?

A distance between you and the air purifier is mandatory. If you sleep with the device on during bedtime, you should keep a distance between 3 meters. Keep in mind, in case your face is in front of a gadget, you will face difficulty while sleeping.


As far as the concern is about health, you must keep in touch with the details. As a matter of fact, an air purifier is a non-toxic device. The machine has no side effects, no harm nor does it emit any dangerous gas or rays. Therefore, you can sleep with an air purifier during bedtime. Instead of disadvantages, there is a list of benefits of the gadget. It boosts the quality of sleep and reduces the risk of respiratory infection and heart problems.

Now you can understand how good it is if you use the air purifier not only for bedtime but also 24/7. Anyway, in this guide, I have explained all about the air purifier, including the mechanism of the device, its benefits, and the significant questions regarding the air purifier. I hope you find this article helpful.

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