How to Clean Air Purifier Filter

How to Clean Air Purifier Filter ( What You Should Know in 2024 )

An air purifier works on a filtration process, and if its filter doesn’t work properly, there is no point to run the cleaner. You need to maintain and clean its filter timely to optimize the functioning of the air cleaner. Therefore, I’ll share how to clean the air purifier filter considering its major types.

How To Clean Air Purifier Filter

Air Purifier

An air purifier is a portable appliance used to clean indoor air. It captures dust, debris, mold, pollen, and all micro and macro air pollutants. This way, the air purifier provides clean and friendly air and protects us from air-borne diseases and respiratory issues. Air purifiers benefit people suffering from asthma, bronchitis, cough, flu, and other diseases.

Functioning Of Air Purifier

The air purifier consists of a fan, filter, and motor; all its components are enclosed in a portable and user-friendly body. The air purifier’s fan takes the air in and pushes it toward the filter; once it gets cleaned, the fan returns the air to the room.

The air purifier’s filter, usually a microfilter, cleans the air by removing all the contaminants or pollutants from it and making it safe for living beings. Lastly, the air purifier is powered by a powerful, energy-saving, and cost-saving motor, yet highly efficient. Also see Levoit Vs Blueair

The air purifiers are designed to complete the cycle of getting air in, cleaning it, and expelling it out without a break. It works continuously, so you can run an air purifier all day or even at night. Don’t worry! Unlike other home appliances, this 24/7 device will not cause any extra bucks as it is a power-saving machine.

When the air purifier is turned on all day, and its filter continuously removes the contaminants from the air, it will need to be replaced too, right? There is a threshold for filters too, which won’t work efficiently after that threshold is achieved. In other words, to optimize the functioning of an air purifier, you need to clean its filter, or sometimes, you even need to change it.

If you’re a novice and wondering how to clean the air purifier filter, you’re at the right spot. Don’t sweat it out! Cleaning the air purifier filter is not a daunting job to do, even for freshers. You can easily do it at home with no fancy tools or agents. However, having the right knowledge of different types of air purifier filters and their cleaning process is important. So, here you go:

Cleaning Washable Filter

Cleaning Washable Filter

As I said earlier, not all air purifier filters are the same; some are washable, while others are not. As the name implies, the washable air purifier filters are the ones you can wash easily using water. For this, soak the air purifier filter in lukewarm water for a couple of hours to release all the contaminants, including dust, dirt, pollutants, etc., into the water. After that, wash the filter with cold water, and you’re done. Also see Does an Air Purifier Dry out The Air

If there is pet hair on the air purifier filter, you can use a soft brush to remove the hair from the filter after soaking it in warm water. Please use soft hands as the air purifier filters are a bit sensitive. If your air purifier has an instruction manual about how to wash the filter, please follow those instructions to be safe.

Cleaning Non-Washable Filter

If the air purifier filter is non-washable, please don’t use water; otherwise, your filter will deteriorate. So, the question is how to clean the non-washable air purifier filters. You can clean those filters by using a vacuum cleaner. Please use the upholstery attachment or tool with the vacuum cleaner to clean the non-washable filters.

The upholstery attachment is the tool used to coax debris, dust, and contaminants from the fabric and other substrates, including filters. You can get the attachment online from Amazon. Please check the compatibility of the upholstery tool with your vacuum cleaner before purchasing.

Cleaning HEPA Filter

Cleaning HEPA Filter

Regarding air purifier filters, HEPA filters are the best for their better efficiency, high availability in the market, good price, and overall excellent reputation. HEPA filters have been commercialized in the market since the 1950s and are still the most popular for their performance.

There are many kinds of HEPA filters, but disposable ones stand out for their easy use, affordability, and reliability in air quality maintenance. You don’t need to clean the disposable filters; just replace them when they get full.

However, the HEPA filters also include washable filters that get cleaned using water. Please follow the instructions in this article, and don’t rush for expensive chemicals or cleaning agents. In contrast, if you have a non-washable HEPA filter, be careful because these are flimsy.

Cleaning Foam Filter

The foam filters in the air purifier are the pre-filters. These pre-filters are washable filters that aim to capture large-sized airborne contaminants like pet dander.

Mix a few drops of cleaning agents like soap or detergent in warm water to clean these filters, and soak the pre-filters in that mix for a few hours. After that, rinse the foam filter with cold water and remove all the soap. You can use a soft brush at this stage to remove the pet dander or any other stubborn particulate that wasn’t removed before.

After cleaning, let the foam filter dry completely at room temperature. I don’t recommend using any artificial method like an air dryer for this step. That’s all for cleaning the filters; you see, there is no rocket science in it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just clean my air purifier filter?

If the air purifier filter is washable, you can clean it using water, while if it is not, use the vacuum cleaner to serve the purpose. However, cleaning the air purifier filter sounds good only for the undamaged filters, which means if the filter is broken or its fiber has been stretched out, you need to replace it instead of just cleaning it.

What is the best way to clean a washable air purifier filter?

You should clean the air purifier filter using water if it is washable. Soak the filter in lukewarm water for a couple of hours, and when all the contaminants get released, rinse the filter with cold water. After that, air dries the filter, and you’re done. You can add a few drops of mild soap or detergent if needed. If you see any pet dander on the filter after soaking, remove them using a soft brush.

How to clean a non-washable air purifier filter?

You can clean the non-washable air purifier filters using the vacuum cleaner. For this, attach the upholstery tool with the vacuum cleaner.

The Bottom Line

An air purifier is a must-have product, especially for people suffering from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues. The air purifier works through a filtration process, so you must clean or replace its filter with time to optimize its functioning. That’s not optional because if the filter’s limit has exceeded, it will no longer capture the contaminants; consequently, the air purifier becomes pointless.

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