Does an Air Purifier Help with Mold ( All You Need to Know in 2024)

No one wants to live in a house with mold, as it comes with endless respiratory and health conditions. Here comes the question, does an air purifier help with mold?

Well, it is true to an extent and the right air purifier can help treat many surface-level and deep molds, caused by moisture. However, for anyone planning to treat mold with air purifiers, some things matter like air volume, capacity, and filtration setup.

So, follow this guide and find out how air purifiers help with mold.

How to Identify Mold?

The most commonly asked question is how to know if there is mold in your house. The bad part of this is that many people confuse it with dirt and often ignore it, resulting in different health conditions. Here are some steps for a bleach test to check whether there is mold present in your home;

First, identify a spot that you think can be a potential mold. Dip a cotton swab in a diluted bleach formula and let it sit there for at least two minutes. If after this time, it turns lighter in color, it is definitely a mold. If it gets darker, don’t worry, as it is only a dirty spot.

Now, the second step is to check whether it is only on the surface or has penetrated deeper into the wall. If there is no texture to the mold, the treatment is easy and it can be cured with an air fryer. If it crumbles in one place and leaves a texture, it is definitely a harmful mold that has penetrated deeper.

The common cause of such molds is leakage. So, you should look for potential leaks in close proximity to the area where you have found the mold. There can be internal or external leakage in the pipes. Pay extra spots to pipes near the vents and downspouts.

Do Air Purifiers Help with Mold?

The simple answer to this is yes as long as it is a standard air purifier with a HEPA filtration mechanism. This is because they are effective in trapping mold particles. With this, you will need a carbon filter to deal with volatile organic compounds that result in mold odor.

Moreover, the air purifier needs to have enough air pressure to clean the volume of the air at least five times each hour. This will reduce the spore count from the mold and clean the air from mold effectively. All in all, the solution to mold is having an air purifier with detailed filtration and five rounds of adequate airflow.

Does an Air Purifier Help with Mold

How Does an Air Purifier Help with Mold?

To treat deep or surface-level mold, the air purifier works in two stages, filtration and air change per hour. Here is how both work to effectively clean your house from mold.

Detailed Filtration

Firstly, air purifiers are equipped with specially designed HEPA filters that suck out any dirty air in your house. It has an average efficiency of around 99.98%, which kills even the tiniest particles (0-2-0.3 micrometers diameter) of pollutants from the air. It then transfers the clean air to the room.

Likewise, these filters are generally made up of thin mesh and fiberglass that are narrower than usual. This traps the mold spores in between the filters and prevents them from going back into the room, keeping the house protected from mold.

Secondly, to deal with mold, you will need air purifiers with carbon filters. This is because they help neutralize the volatile organic compounds and reduce the mold odor significantly. These filters use activated carbon which is a great source of microscopic fissures that prevents these volatile compounds from entering the air.

Five Rounds in an Hour

Secondly, as per EPA, it is equally important that your filter has the ability to change the air at least five times in an hour. In simple terms, each round means that the total volume of air must be exchanged through the air purifier. Now, the size of the purifier depends on the size of the room.

This is critical to deal with the particle count in the air. According to the EPA, it can kill around 80% of the mold from the air and lowers the particle after each round. All in all, even if you have brilliant filtration, everything goes to waste if it doesn’t have the ability to change the air five teams in an hour.

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Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that having mold in your home comes with a number of short and long-term health issues, mainly respiratory. And to solve this, most people turn to air purifiers. If you are someone planning to do this, give this article a quick read and find the right purifier for the job.

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