Can I Use Air Purifier With Air Conditioner

Can I Use Air Purifier With Air Conditioner Can They Work Together

Climate change and massive pollution are rising concerns about air quality. One cannot do anything to keep the harmful chemicals away from oneself while visiting the market or wandering around town, either you can use a face mask or spend less time out of the house. But for improving the quality indoors, you can use an air purifier. To be honest, I wasn’t aware of such a machine that can clean the air.

But my clinician advised me to install an air purifier because I suffer from breathing problems. As I asked my husband about the machine, he said, “the device negatively impacts the performance of the air conditioner.” It discouraged me but I needed both an air conditioner and an air purifier.

Well, I searched for the answer, read articles, discussed the matter with experts, and contacted the people who are using both of these machines and it completely changed my mind. In this guide, I will share with you all about air purifiers and air conditioners.

Can I Use Air Purifier With Air Conditioner

There are so many rumors regarding air purifiers and even people believe in all those fake news. Anyhow, you should not build a judgment about any device until you research and gather factual information. Some claim that an air purifier is dangerous if you leave it on during bedtime and others argue that the gadget is unsafe if you use it with a humidifier. They also believe that air conditioners and air purifiers are opposite to one another. Also read should i sleep with air purifier on

You cannot encounter such statements if you do not have any idea about the air purifier. Basically, the gadget was unknown to the majority of Americans a few years back. As concerns started rising about air quality and physical health, people began using machines to clean the air. Well, there is nothing perfect, so indeed there could be disadvantages to using an air purifier. But our job is to discuss the use of a purifier with AC.

To understand the problem and its answer thoroughly, you must know a bit of information about air purifiers, what these machines are used for, what are the advantages of these gadgets and so on. Anyhow, I will answer all these questions and the one “can I use an air purifier with an air conditioner” in detail. Therefore, sit tight and read the details carefully because it is a requirement of the gadget. Let’s start the journey, here you go! Also read the benefits of Air Purifier here

Air Purifier

The device is used for cleaning the air and eliminating dirt and harmful chemical particles in the environment. The device has multiple or single air filters that clean the air around the machine. Once you turn the air purifier on, it starts providing pure air. However, people did not know about the device but as the awareness spread, the machine started selling like hotdogs.

There are a lot of advantages to it but still, people started believing in myths. Just like, the machine is harmful and emits dangerous rays, it is unsuitable for lung patients or the machine generates its own artificial air and which is unhealthy. As a matter of fact, all the statements and others have no relation to truth. Therefore, the machine works completely differently from your imagination. Take a look at the mechanism.

Can I Use Air Purifier With Air Conditioner

How Does Air Purifier Work


The first step is it gathers the air from outside. For this purpose, this device has multiple grilles or vents on the front side. A sucker in the machine is used for gathering the outside air. Hence proves the air purifier does not create its own artificial air, instead, it consumes the air of the near environment for providing pure indoor air quality.


The next step is to clean the gathered air. In this part, the device separates the dirt particles, toxic chemicals, and VOCs from the air. The separated stuff stays inside the machine and the cleaned air is on the other side. This air is similar to fresh air, the difference is that it is not oxygen rich but pretty healthy for us.


As I have mentioned, the particles of dangerous chemicals are separated from the air. Now the air comes out of the air purifier’s back grille. There is a releaser inside the machine that leaves the maximum amount of fresh air outside. This simple method represents how air purifiers work.

Should You Use an Air Purifier With an Air Conditioner?

Here comes the twist, the air conditioner is a device to decrease the high temperature of the room. It helps to maintain the temperature of the room, in summer, you can increase cooling and in winter, you can use it as a heating panel. By all means, its duty is to keep the room’s environment livable. On the other hand, the air purifier is used for eliminating the room’s toxic chemicals and dust.

You might imagine that if both of these machines work together, one will throw a cool breeze and the other will suck it and clean the air. With this, it will also increase the temperature of cool air because, inside the air purifier, there is a sucker and dirt separator. But the case is different, actually, the air purifiers do not work in this way. Instead, if you use the air purifier with an air conditioner, it will not increase the temperature of cool air.

You can test, but there is a slight impact that is hard to detect. But if you are concerned about the temperature, believe me, it will remain 98% similar. In short, yes, you can use the air purifier with the air conditioner. It is highly beneficial, you will not only get cool air but also a fresh and healthy breeze. Plus, there is no medical harm or disadvantage recorded so you can use it fearlessly.

On the other hand, there is a list of benefits of using an air purifier with an air conditioner. First, it will decrease the workload of the air conditioner. Actually, when you use both of these machines together, the purifier cleans the air and separates dust, and dirt particles. It helps to decrease the workload of the air conditioner. Therefore, your electricity bill will be less than usual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use an air purifier and a fan at the same time?

Yes, you can use the air purifier with the fan. The device will clean the air and provide you with a fresh environment plus the fan will circulate the pure air and it will be beneficial for your lungs when you inhale it.

Is an air purifier the same as an air conditioner?

No, the air purifier is a completely different device and the air conditioner is used for other purposes. An air conditioner is a machine that provides cool or hot air. In contrast, the air purifier is used for cleaning the air. Hence, both of these machines work differently and are not the same.


In recent years, the growing concern of the population is giving birth to various ways to fight the problem. We have yet to develop a machine that can work outside on a massive level but the air purifier is a great innovation that is used for indoor air quality maintainers. It is true that the machine is new for many of us so multiple questions pop up in our minds. But you should also focus that nothing is impossible to know.

In this quest, I searched for information regarding the air purifier and air conditioner. Deep research enabled me to learn a lot about the machine. The air purifier is needed by every family, you can use it with all kinds of machines whether it is the air conditioner or it is a humidifier, the device does not influence the performance of other gadgets. Anyway, I have explained the purifier in detail and the usage of a machine with an air conditioner. I hope you find it helpful.

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