Best Place to Put a Air Purifier

Best Place to Put a Air Purifier (A Detailed Guide 2024)

Are you tired of hard breathing? Or you are suffering from lung conditions and taking precautionary measures. If these cases are real, you should use an air purifier. Maybe your clinician also recommended the same so start using a purifier for getting better and quick results. But, hold on a minute! The task is not to use an air purifier but to get 100% results. And for this purpose, you must put it in a place where it can work perfectly.

If you are imagining, does the position of the air purifier matter, then you will be surprised to know that it does matter and in case you put it in the wrong position, the gadget will be unable to provide its best. Well, the problem is not inevitable, I will guide you regarding the best places to put an air purifier and all about the machine. Your attention is required so stay tuned and do not skip a single detail, otherwise, the bucks you spent on the gadget will be wasted.

Best Place To Put An Air Purifier

An air purifier is a gadget or machine that is used for filtering the air. In this era of pollution and climate change, it is necessary for every apartment in the country. If you do not know, the polluted air damages our lungs and leaves toxic impacts. Polluted air can cause a series of multiple chronic health issues such as respiratory ( lungs ) problems, cardiovascular ( heart ) problems, nausea, headaches, and so on.

Some people suggest wearing masks most of the time, it is a good habit but it is not the permanent solution. Because at a point the mask becomes irritating, it causes sweating and some of us feel uncomfortable while using the mask. Therefore, you cannot use a mask 24/7, especially at home. In contrast, using an air purifier can help more than a mask.

Only one machine is enough for 2 to 4 members of a family. The machine takes the polluted air inside and separates the harmful particles from the air and exhales fresh and unharmful air. It neither emits any toxic gas nor consumes fresh air. Instead, the machine is based on filtration. Its working process is almost similar to water filtration. A quality machine can cover a long area and can work hours a day.

Anyhow, using the air purifier is the best option, we are living in the 21st century and it is the most advanced age. So why not get benefits from modern-day technology? Moreover, air purifiers are a great option for people who are already suffering from lung, heart, or breathing problems. These machines are affordable, anyone can approach them and neither consumes more energy.

The problem is not purchasing or using the machine but how to use the machine correctly. Actually, it is a type of gadget that requires a few considerations and the position is the first requirement. If you place it in the wrong spot, the machine will work according to the schedule but you will not get the fresh air. That’s why I will suggest a few best places to put an air purifier.

Where To Place The Air Purifier In Room

The first place where you should put the purifier is where you spend most of your time with your family. Let’s say you like to stay in a room, so where should you place the machine? As a logical argument, the majority of the people will claim that they will place the purifier near themselves but the statement has fallacies. Here are a few places where you should put the air purifier.

Where To Place The Air Purifier In Room

Near The Source Of Pollution

You should place the purifier near the source of pollutants such as smoking areas. Or if you have no smoker partner then place the purifier near the pet bed. If you have a pet bed in your room, it is possible that the area near it is polluted with harmful particles. Therefore, you should place the machine near your pet’s home. It will save not only you but also your loving and loyal animal.

Center Of The Room

The second most important spot for the air purifier is the center of the room. The purpose of putting the air purifier at the center is that in this way, the machine can clean more air than the corners. Actually, the corners of a room are not as polluted as the center. It is possible that the midpoint of the apartment because of the apartment’s design has more polluted particles. In order to eliminate them, you should put the purifier in the center of the room.

If you install it at the center, it will effortlessly filter air and separate the dust, allergens, and volatile organic compounds ( VOCs). Basically, these compounds are common in every house because they are produced by paint, building, and electronic materials. The VOCs are highly toxic and can cause multiple problems like eye irritation, dizziness, nausea, or chronic problems like kidney, liver, and heart issues.

Moving on further, these compounds become airborne and one might inhale them. But if you have an air purifier in the center of the room., the purifier will take the dirty air inside and filter the VOCs from the air. Anyhow, there are a few purifiers made for the corners. Therefore, you should not put the purifier anywhere before reading the instructions in the machine’s manual.

Away from Walls and Furniture

Another consideration is that you should never put the purifier near walls and furniture. My friend bought an expensive purifier a few months ago. She was suffering from breathing problems therefore her clinician advised her to use air filtration machines in house. Well, after 2 months, she complained that her machine was not working as it was expected to provide results.

When I approached her and checked where she placed the purifier, I understood the problem. She attached it to a cabinet near the window. Anyhow, I asked her to provide a space between the furniture and the machine and from that day the gadget is rocking. Actually, when you place it or attach the purifier to a piece of furniture, it faces a problem in absorbing and releasing the air.

But when it comes to distance, people find themselves in a flummoxed state. In my opinion, a slight distance can help a lot. You can keep 5.5 inches to 6 inches distance between the wall or furniture and the machine. In this way, the purifier will have better air circulation and work efficiently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place in a room to place an air purifier?

The best place for the air purifier is where you spend most of the time. For example, people who like to stay in rooms should put a purifier in the room. Do not attach it to the walls or furniture. Plus, you should place the purifier in the center of the room.

Should an air purifier be placed on the floor?

No, you should not place the purifier on the floor. Basically, if you put the machine on the floor, it will be unable to circulate the air. Plus, according to the research, if you place it on the floor, it will decrease the performance by -0.3%.

Is it best to leave the air purifier on all the time?

Yes, you can turn the purifier on all the time. Instead, if you keep it on 24/7, the machine will clean the air and make the environment of the room healthy and breathable.

Should the air purifier be in a closed room?

It is true that the gadget’s performance enhances in case you use it in closed rooms. Obviously, the purifier is not designed for working in the open air. Thus, you should use the gadget in closed places.

Should you sleep next to the air purifier?

You can sleep next to the air purifier, even sleeping next to it is beneficial for your health. Anyhow, put the purifier on the side table, not next to the face. The noise it generates can cause disturbance during sleep.


Climate change is a fact and the conditions of our environment are getting worse day by day. You cannot go and shut the factories but you can take a few measures to prevent major health damage. The respiratory and heart conditions are growing because of pollution. Hence, you must change the setting of your room and prepare a place for an air purifier. I will recommend that you use a small panel that does not generate noise.

The purifiers can provide you with fresh air in this era of pollution and keep you healthy. And the good news is that these panels are inexpensive even if every citizen can afford them. Plus, the consumption of electricity is low hence everything is fine. But the problem occurs when you are about to put the purifier in a place. In this guide, I have mentioned a few best places to put an air purifier. I hope you find it helpful.

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